Orange Essential Oil: Mood-Boosting Skincare

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Oranges in Spain fruit in the winter, dotting the rolling landscape with their gorgeous color. The fresh-squeezed juice is a delicious breakfast staple in almost every cafe here, the bright citrus scent mingling with the aromas of toasted bread and piping hot espresso.


That refreshing, uplifting fragrance is in the peel. It's an oil, that when steam- diffused with water, becomes orange essential oil and has powerful aromatherapeutic properties and benefits. 

      • Uplifts mood and is a natural anti-depressant
      • Clarifies complexion and is anti-inflammatory
      • Reduces effects of seasonal allergies and is a natural antihistamine 

Use with a diffuser for immediate results or mix with a carrier oil and apply directly to skin. For a home spa treatment, Lori Sloan shares how she uses it in her rejuvenating bath ritual. 



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