andaluz organic skincare essential oils


My husband, Julien, and I decided to try living in the ‘campo’ or Spanish countryside for one year in a ‘finca,’ which is a typical Spanish country house. We knew it would be beautiful, but we didn't realize the extent of how stunning the natural landscape would be - fragrant, juicy oranges and lemons, spicy wild lavender and plump olives - all wonderful ingredients for skincare.

While doing volunteer dog-walking, we met local producers who grow olives and flowers for infused oils. From there, the idea of ANDALUZ was born. We continue to work with local farmers and distillers and have developed ANDALUZ step by step, incorporating customer feedback in our products all along the way. Four years and three new dogs later, we are still living in the campo and loving it. 

We take pride in using locally sourced, 100% natural ingredients from Spain. Everything is pure, no additives, no synthetics - just handmade goodness from Andalucia in a bottle! 



Andaluz is committed to creating the highest quality products that are environmentally sustainable and cruelty-free. All of our products are made without pesticides, herbicides or animal testing of any kind.

We believe in supporting not only local, artisanal and enviromentally-friendly businesses by sourcing their products for our raw ingredients, we are also dedicated to helping outstanding charties within our community. We are proud to support Cudeca, Last Chance Animal Rescue and ARCH Andalucian Rescue Centre for Horses.