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alhambra tiles organic skincare packaging design

We are thrilled to announce ANDALUZ's new product packaging!  We worked with Jason Bourguinon to create a modern, fresh look that incorporates classic design elements of Andalusia's rich architectural history.

andaluz skincare product packaging design organic spanish skincare

Our design inspiration came from the ceramic tiles of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. The tiles, which date back to the Nasrid Kingdom of the 13th century, decorate the interior of the Palace and are considered masterpieces of Hispano-Muslim art.

andaluz skincare product packaging design alhambra palace

We love the geometry, symmetry and complexity of Nasridic tiles and artwork. We fell in love even more when we discovered those rolling patterns and shapes often symbolise petals, leaves and other natural elements. 

andaluz skincare packaging design relaxing spray energerising spray

This beautiful, mathematical wizardry is rendered in a smorgasbord of polygonal patterns that covers the walls, ceilings and baseboards of the Alhambra Palace. We used elements of these patterns in all of the packaging design, while adding modern touches.

We played with squares and stars, stretched hexagons, blew up tracery bands and teased out equilateral triangles. 

andaluz skincare product packaging design oils spanish cosmetics


The ANDALUZ color palette -  blue, green, honey, white, red and black - are the original tile colors. The pigments came from naturally occurring minerals and metals, such as cobalt, magnesium and pewter.

These geologically-inspired colors and ancient decorative patterns are embedded in ANDALUZ design - characteristics of Andalusia that celebrate its unique geography, architecture and history.

andaluz skincare spanish organic essential oils



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