ANDALUZ Relaxing Oil 100ml
ANDALUZ Relaxing Oil 100ml
ANDALUZ Relaxing Oil 100ml
ANDALUZ Relaxing Oil 100ml

ANDALUZ Relaxing Oil 100ml

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ANDALUZ Relaxing Oil is calming and deeply moisturising. Perfect for a relaxing massage or as a daily moisturiser. We infuse each litre of organic Spanish olive oil with 100 hand-grown and harvested marigold flowers.


  • Olive Oil: moisturising, anti-aging
  • Calendula (Marigold) Flowers: anti-bacterial, anti-infammatory
  • Spike Lavender Essential Oil: calming, soothing, mosquito deterrent 
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant, moisturising, soothing

Use:  Apply sparingly on damp skin after the shower or bath until fully absorbed to de-stress and relax. This versatile moisturiser can also be massaged into feet, nails, hands and hair or used as a soothing shave oil.

The ANDALUZ Relaxing Oil fragrance is from 100% pure wild spike lavender flowers from Spain. We only use therapeutic grade, certified Spanish essential oils in our fragrances.

Our Relaxing Oil is also made with 100% organic, cold-pressed olive oil from a permaculture olive orchard in the Andalusian countryside.  It's sustainable, cultivated and harvested by hand and chemical-free. The olives are cold pressed to perserve their natural properties, creating a rich, high-quality olive oil. Calendula or marigold flowers are grown there too with the same 100% organic standards. The flowers are harvested by hand, dried and then mixed with the freshly pressed oil. We infuse each litre of oil with 100 marigold flowers. The result is a superior calendula oil from the sunny Andalusian countryside - a wonderful gift for your skin!




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