ANDALUZ Skincare Energising Duo - citrus moisturising oil and facial spray comes with two bright blue glass bottles that have black plastic tops. Both come in bright decorative boxes with designs inspired from the alhambra palace in granada spain
andaluz skincare energising oil in a bright blue bottle with a black cap. There is also a white round box for the bottle with yellow flowers.  the box design is inspired from the tiles of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.
andaluz skincare energising spray bright blue spray bottle with black cap and a round box with orange and yellow flowers. the box design is inspired from tiles at the Alhambra palace in Granada Spain

ANDALUZ Skincare Energising Duo

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Enjoy both our Energising Oil and Energising Spray in this refreshing duo! 

Bursting with Spanish lemon and orange essential oils, the ANDALUZ Skincare Energising Duo is refreshing and invigorating. Their natural mood-enhancing and moisturising ingredients revitalise the senses and brighten the skin. 

Both products come in reusable blue glass bottles and award-winning decorative cases inspired from the tiles of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. 

Aromatherapy Benefits:

  • Orange Essential Oil:  mood boosting
  • Lemon Essential Oil: energising, clarifying
  • Spike Lavender Essential Oil: calming, soothing

ANDALUZ Skincare Energising Spray, 100ml:

Shake well and apply to face and body to feel feel instantly uplifted and revitalised. For a facial toner or cleanser, spray into a cotton ball and gently apply to face, concentrating on the T-zone. Also recommended after shaving or waxing to reduce redness and risk of infection.

ANDALUZ Skincare Energising Oil, 100ml:

As a facial moisturiser, apply sparingly on damp skin after cleansing until fully absorbed to feel refreshed and revitalised. This versatile moisturiser can also be massaged into feet, nails, hands and hair or used as a refreshing shave oil.

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