andaluz skincare lavender sachet. white cotton sachet bag with pull string imprinted with andaluz logo. filled with organic, hand grown lavender from andalusia, spain
Andaluz Skincare Lavender Sachets made with hand harvested organic Spanish spike lavender . The sachets are off white, made of cotton and have a draw string. This is a photo of them nestled in fir tree branches.

Andaluz Skincare Lavender Sachet

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Ah, lavender! Renown for its calming and relaxing properties, lavender also wards off insects, including moths from closets and clothing. Put one of these lavender sachets with your clothes to keep them away or under your pillow to help you sleep.

Our lavender sachets are filled with hand-harvested spike lavender from the Spanish countryside. All plants are sustainably grown, without herbicides or pesticides. After harvesting, they are dried for several weeks. The flowers are then stripped from the stems and packed into our cotton sachet bags.

Each sachet is roughly 25g and 10cm x 12cm.

This is a seasonal item and only available while supplies last. 

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