The ANDALUZ Skincare Logo

Last year, we worked with Carter Studio in Madrid to update our packaging design. With their encouragement and expertise, we revamped our logo by incorporating elements about ourselves and the inspiration for ANDALUZ.

The emblem represents Andalusian nature, or more specifically, the entrance to an Andalusian garden. The garden is protected by two lions, a nod to our last name, Pantaléon, which means "all lion." The lions also protect rabbits, which play in front of the gate.

In 300 B.C., the Carthaginians arrived in Spain and called it "Land of Rabbits" and the Romans kept the name, which eventually evolved to modern day España. Coincidentally, my maiden name is Warren, which means rabbit burrow or den.

Rabbits are also associated with cruelty-free cosmetics, a subject that is near and dear to us. All ANDALUZ products are 100% cruelty-free.

The border is decorated with olives, marigold flowers and wild lavender - ingredients that thrive in Andalusia and make up our products. The citrus trees behind the gate represent the organic Spanish lemon and orange essential oils we use. The inspiration being use the freshest, highest quality ingredients from Andalusia and celebrate its natural splendour.




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