ANDALUZ Garden Tour

Welcome to an ANDALUZ Garden Tour! Come with us and get a step by step look at how we produce the ingredients for our calendula oil collection. The orchard where the olives and marigold flowers grow is a certified organic permaculture orchard, located in Casarbonela, Spain. The flowers and olive oil from this orchard are the ingredients in ANDALUZ oils. 



 Why Marigold?

The latin name for Marigold is Calendula Officials. It's often called 'Calendula'  in skincare and has been used for centuries for its antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  As far back as Roman times, wounds, burns, eczema, abrasions, acne and even eye infections have been treated by calendula. In World War I, the military used calendula flowers in poultices and infused oils to treat wounds. But what makes it particularly fantastic for your skin is that it has       flavonoids. These act as antioxidants to increase blood flow and the production of collagen proteins, helping your skin to look fresh and healthy.



The Harvest

In Andalusia, marigold typically blooms twice a year in spring and in autumn. Ours grow in an organic-certified, permaculture olive orchard. Absolutely no herbicides or pesticides are ever used.  When the flowers bloom, we pick the tops by hand and give them a cold bath to rinse away any dirt or insects. The water source is directly from the mountains, so no chlorine!














We then put the flowers in olive oil from the same orchard and for 3-4 weeks.  When it's finsihed infusing, we strain the oil repeatedly to remove all of the flower pieces. Now it's ready for the final steps!


The Finished Products

For our Luna Oil and Jardín Oil, we add essential oils to the calendula oil for different uses. For Luna, I chose wild Spike Lavender Essential Oilfor its calming and relaxing properties. All of our essential oils are from Spain and have Ecocert, USDA Organic and Eco Leaf certifications. 

For Jardín, we blended lemon and orange essential oils for their refreshing, energising effects. The fragrance is bright and clean, a refreshing way to start the day.

We also offer our calendula oil without essential oils. We recommend this one for children, nursing moms or those who are sensitive to fragrance.